There is hardly anything more fun than learning something interesting in the guise of an entertaining read. In her book Death in the Covenant, D.A. Barkley provides a realistic view of the dominating force belief can have on the lives of the faithful – sometimes leading to actions that are anything but holy.

Death in the Covenant follows Detective Abish “Abbie” Taylor as she investigates a fatal car crash involving the leader of the Mormon church, a man she knew well. Abbie is no longer a practicing Mormon, but her knowledge of the religion helps her understand and uncover clues, which suggest the death was no accident. It may be connected to the mysterious disappearance of young Mormon women. Those wishing to avoid discovery threaten her life and worse. They try to blackmail Abbie by holding the sword of excommunication over her devout father’s head, demanding she leaves well enough alone and lets the Church handle their own affairs. Detective Taylor can’t do that. The truth is too important. Besides, it’s her job.

Bartley’s novel is an easy read – filled with evil henchmen, naive believers, calculating officials, and a romantic interest. It’s the perfect book to read while traveling or to cozy up with as the days get shorter and colder!

D.A. Barley is a member of Daughters of Utah Pioneers. She traces her family history back to the earliest days of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She spent much of her childhood in Utah, but her parents were incurable travelers. She was born in Scotland and lived in Germany, France, and Russia. After studying international relations, politics, and law, D. A. worked both as an attorney and academic in Manhattan. In the end though, she could not escape her life long love of mysteries. She lives in New York City with her family. Keep up with her at