Check out the latest in our live author series, BCB: The Author’s Cut, Live with Amy Silverman. In this interview, Maribel Garcia talks with author Amy Silverman about her book My Heart Can’t Even Believe It: A Story of Science, Love, and Down Syndrome.

Amy Silverman My Heart Can't even believe iAccording to Maribel in her original interview with Amy, ” Silverman weaves a story of her life with her daughter Sophie that is truly transformative.  She writes with warmth, confidence, but most importantly, with purpose.  Her goal is to empower and educate others.  Oh, and make them laugh—because she cracks me up.”

You can learn more in this live interview with Amy and learn what her motivation for was for writing this book.  If you are interested in reading the original print interview, you can find it here:  Amy Silverman interview.