The internet can be a great place for promoting your artistic works – whether it be visual art, music or literature. Below are a few tips for successfully promoting your artistic creations online. 

Create a website and social media pages

A website and social media pages will give you a great platform for promoting your works. Having these platforms can also make you look more like an ‘official’ artist as opposed to a hobbyist. 

This website for Joey Armstrong is a good example of a website artist page. Use it to offer a bio on you and your work. You may also be able to sell your works directly through your website – whether it be paintings, vinyl albums, or books. There are cheap and easy drag-and-drop website builders that you can use to create your website, although you may find it more convenient to simply hire a web designer. 

Social media pages are great for posting news and updates on your art. You can build a following through these platforms by interacting with social media users and posting engaging content. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok are some of the best platforms for aspiring artists to use right now. 

Harness the power of video content

Video content has become a huge way of connecting to people. As an artist there are many ways in which you may be able to make use of it. When promoting visual art, consider behind-the-scenes videos of you creating your art or art tutorials. When promoting music, consider creating a music video and possibly uploading live performances or musical tutorials. If you’re a writer, you may find that blog content is more effective than video content – however you may still be able to find creative ways of harnessing video content such as creating storytelling tips seminars. 

Connect with influencers within your niche

A great way to boost exposure to your art is to get influencers to promote you. Influencers are people within your field who have a large following on an online platform such as YouTube, Twitter or Instagram. They tend to be looked up to as tastemakers or experts in their field.

Within the arts community, influencers could include popular critics, fellow famous artists or other celebrity figures with an interest in the arts. Some influencers may ask for a payment in order to promote you. Others may review or feature content for free – you may have to use a PR firm to try and get through to them.

Try some paid advertising

Paid advertising is an effective way to promote your art. This could include boosted Facebook posts, Google display ads, Spotify audio ads or Youtube video ads. 

Most paid advertising is pay-per-click (PPC) – this means that you pay for your ad to run until a certain number of people have clicked on it. You may be able to carry out PPC advertising campaigns yourself, however a lot of people find it useful to hire a PPC agency to help them.


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