Starting out as a new writer can be a daunting experience. You’re aware there are many other writers out there who are already established and wonder if you’ll be able to keep up with them. Of course, you can! Whether you’re looking to write novels or become a ghostwriter, there are some simple yet extremely effective tips that can help turn your written content from mediocre to absolutely fantastic. If you’re starting out in your writing career and you’re looking for some tips to improve your writing, check out the ones below!

Don’t be afraid to show personality

Think about the written pieces of content you’ve read in the past. They’ve got personality, right?! Whether it’s your favorite blogger or an influencer you admire, they show personality with side notes and lingo that keeps their readers coming back time and time again. While it’s important to stay on topic, showing your personality and making the reader feel involved in your writing is a great way to keep them reading on rather than switching off.

Use tools to improve your writing

These days there are countless amounts of tools that can help you improve your writing. You can use tools that paraphrase your content to make it more fluent or more creative, and you can use prompts for writing to inspire your content to make it better. Don’t feel like you can’t use these tools to make your writing better – even the most experienced writers do it!

Always have a call to action

With content on a personal website or for a client, it’s important to have a call to action without making readers feel like you’re forcing them to do anything. Start small with a CTA asking people to like the content or subscribe for new updates and you’ll soon find that your audience is more than happy to share your content and give feedback on the amazing writing you’ve created.

Read content from writers you admire

It can be difficult to gain inspiration when you’re writing, and if you feel like the content you’ve written simply isn’t enough, then take some time to read content from writers you admire. Look at the way they phrase their sentences, and take note of how they engage their readers and use this as inspiration for your writing! Soon enough you’ll find your own style that new and aspiring writers will use for inspiration.

Outline your writing

So you’ve been given a piece of content to write – now what? Plucking out 500 or 5000 words out of nowhere can be extremely daunting, and a great way to get past that is by outlining your writing. Break down the topic into smaller sections and begin writing section by section. Over time you’ll find it much easier!

Edit, edit, and edit again

Finally, no first draft of writing is perfect, so take the time to edit your content! Send it to friends for their opinions and think about how you might be able to rephrase your content so that it’s as kick-ass as you are as a writer! Give your writing the attention it deserves, and you’ll be glad you did!