If you love to read, then you’ll be glad to know reading can offer many different benefits. Want to know what the top four are? Keep on reading.

Live Longer

Studies have shown those who read books tend to live for around two years longer when compared to those who don’t. This statistic is irrespective of education, health, gender, or wealth. Reading books contributes to survival advantage, and the benefits are seen more in those who read books than magazines or even newspapers. If you regularly find yourself deep-reading a good book, then you may find you have more empathy and a much higher level of emotional intelligence than average. Reading activates a cognitive process that can help develop your brain. Games such as WordBrain enhance this process. Need some help leveling up? You can always look into a WordBrain cheat page.

Absorb More

Studies have shown students take in far more information from reading a physical paper when compared to a screen. This underlines the benefits of picking up a book as opposed to using an e-Reader alone. One study done in Norway found students who read a piece of text in a printed format did significantly better in terms of comprehension than those who read the same text on a screen.

Gain Skills

Evidence has shown that if you are immersed in a book, then this can be very beneficial to your education. Studies indicate that if you grow up with a library at home then this will boost your adult literacy. It will also help you with your  numeracy as well as your problem-solving skills. Skills such as these are very important, and it’s safe to say you’ll benefit by being better at them than average.

Increase Vocabulary

In addition to improving your cognitive intelligence, reading can easily help you broaden your vocabulary. Reading out loud and discussing books can help improve your performance in school. It can also influence how you talk to people. This can help you to form new connections and exercise your mind. The more you can challenge your brain the better, and reading books is one of the best ways to do this, as it helps you to grow your imagination and expand your knowledge.

Reading offers so many benefits. If you’re an avid reader, you’ll realize you can rocket your vocabulary while also forming new and meaningful connections with others.

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