Maribel Garcia talks with Liane Kupferberg Carter about her book, Ketchup Is My Favorite Vegetable: A Family Grows Up With Autism. 


11 Responses

  1. Bari

    Totally enjoyed interview with liane Carter. I have read this wonderful book and the interview added great back story and personal insights. Thanks!

  2. Doris

    I never get tired of listening to Liane, or reading her witty writings. Thanks for featuring Liane.

  3. Ellen Cohen

    wonderful interview and as always, Liane’s warmth and honesty shines through.

  4. Jeanne

    Great interview. Liane’s book is a must read! I enjoyed it thoroughly.

  5. Jeanne

    Great interview! Liane’s book is a must read! I enjoyed it thoroughly.

  6. Sandy Breitbart

    What strikes me as a very important aspect of your book is that it not only points out the difficulties of dealing with the child, but it also features the problems involved in dealing with those outside the family, ranging from authority figures to social contacts. The fact that you can flavor your issues with humor makes the book a MUST READ for those directly affected by autism as well as those of us who aren’t. Although I know several families whose children are on the autism spectrum you enlightened me on numerous issues I had never even considered.